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Do cheap pregnancy tests really work? if not what is best to use at a good price? ...

Posted 19th Dec 2011
me and my other half are trying for a baby and as the time is getting near for a test, i would like to know which will be the best test to use for its money or do the cheap ones actually work for what it says on the label??

A bit of a random subject to be put up on here but if you can help. It would be great. Cheers
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I Just used poundshop ones, they seemed to be fine and were always correct. I just bought a fivers worth and tried every week
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Me and my partner got them from Superdrug their own brand, theyre not toooo cheap but were on offer and usually are all year round and it was effective for us....she's now 8 months pregnant :-D
i used cheap ones then always double checked with expensive ones. lol
remember you will only get a fake false reading if it says positive well done you, and good luck
tesco had 2 packs for the same price as single ones the other day
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Home bargains sell some for £1 or it might even be slightly less you get 3 little strips in a box, I used them with my first and they worked fine. If you use a cheap one and arnt sure go to the doctor to double check then at least it's free.
I brought mine of ebay there my twins are now 4 every one showed a + addmitinly i did buy a more expencive one after 7 + but was def pregnant. Got a basic tesco one with 2nd he wasnt expected
aww thanks guys for the advice I might buy a couple cheap ones and one expensive one to make sure X)
My wife bought fifteen tested three times a day for five days all positive didn't tell me baby was a different co,our to me though voted cold
YEAH!!! poundland works
I read that the cheap ones on eBay are often the same ones used on the NHS.
Not sure if it's true but worth a look.

YEAH!!! poundland works

9months pregnant now and i used one i bought from poundland though i double-test with boots brand
poundland seems to be a favorite at the moment. Might actually give it a go
If you want a branded one, Amazon are alot cheaper than the shops, but may take awhile to get here with it been the holidays! Good luck!!
I used the tesco own brand and superdrug own brand, I wasn't even late when I bought the superdrug one but just had a feeling, both worked fine! :-)
I used poundland ones but warn you you only have a couple of strips to pee on not a stick I think I also bought a cheapy one from wilkinsons..oh and all were correct!
Good luck xx
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