Do Cinemas still use film reels?

Found 16th Jul 2013
Do modern Cinemas like Odeon still use Film Reels? If not what do they use now? I'm just wondering because if they used a blu ray or a file on a hard drive couldn't the projector guy easily copy it?
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some old cinemas like theluxecinema.com/ still use reels and still has intermissions(as they have to change the reels). now the these type of cinemas have to wait for the film to be recorded from digital to reels so they are usually 1-2 weeks behind. Still great experience.

That gives info on what majority of cinemas use now. Digital cinema has so many benefits, such as lowering transportation costs and carbon footprint. It's possible some still use film reels alongside digital, but I think it's more likely cinemas favour digital as it's quick, cheap and easier for them to manage. I believe film reels were rented previously, so the cinemas had them on loan for a set period, although this is probably the same case with digital it's a lot less hassle to maintain digital files than it would be to manage actual film reels.
Digital projectors with films stored on a server or hard drive. The picture quality is much better.
As saisd before stored on server or a physical hard drive.Not easy to copy as drives are encrypted and need an unlock code to run
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