Do Comet really think people are that stupid ?

    Just been looking for a Wii Fit, took a look at the Comet site...

    They clam that their price of £69.99 is HALF PRICE !! Maybe in Cometland it might be, but 70 quids the normal price everywhere else !

    If you want a quick laugh, here's the link. . .…fit


    Surely that's blatantly breaking trading laws?


    They do it 'cos they know they get away with it.

    Trading standards are a job. All that would happen if it were reported is an instruction to change the reference to being half price. In the meantime, lots of stupid people buy thinking they have a bargain.


    Well, some of Comet's staff are people, so I'd say "yes".



    Told you I'd say it.

    Ha, reminds me of my local Currys.

    I bought two psp games - one was £5 and the other £10. (So £15 in total)
    When the woman scanned them she told me that there was a promotion on the games which was buy 2 for £30:-D
    I gave her a very prominent "Do you think I'm stupid, look"

    Mind you most of the staff the are not what I call customer friendly, well not to me anyway.
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