Do Currys / PC World Price Match ANY retail store?

Found 11th Jul 2012

I'm looking to buy a TV and have found a retailer (which has a store) selling the same model for approximately £300 cheaper.

When looking at the Currys website (…tml ) under the "Instore Price Promise" it states that the store has to be within a 30 mile radius of the Currys store.

Does that mean within a 30 mile radius of ANY Currys store or a 30 mile radius of the store that I am purchasing from?

The competitor store is located in Birmingham and I live in London. I won't be able to travel all the way to a Curry's store in the Birmingham area if it is the latter

Would appreciate a response from anyone who has had experience of using Currys' Price Promise.

Thank You
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They will try their best to weasel out of it. They will take any opportunity possible to refuse the promise.
i thought of doing this while back but I phoned my local Currys store directly who said they would price match as long as they could verify and was within 30 miles.

But maybe you could ask the online team to price match but i guess they will try anything and I think you have waste your bill on there 0844 number.

Good luck take care and all the best x
It's 30 miles of that particular store. Tried it quite a few times when comparing prices with the app "Red Laser" - only got away with it once with Argos pre owned xbox 360 games and they matched the price (not realising Argos were selling pre owned) then 10% of the difference, got something like 4 games for under a tenner at the time.
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But surely for a £300 saving you can travel to the store in Birmingham and buy the TV and get back to London and still be quids in??
The simple truth is that a great many chains apply the same 'cons' i.e. they get the manufacturer to change the spec of certain models (usually the fast movers/popular ranges, all they have to do is change the colour of the power button symbol, say from green to red for example, this then 'legally' can be sold with a different model number prefix or suffix, presto, the model is now exclusive to that chain, you will never find another, even if you think you can, price fixed. Another huge 'scam' that persists in a great many of the chains on a VERY regular basis is grossly overstating the MRRP or MSRP (Manufacturers Recommended Retail Price and Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price). I have seen such prices overstated by hundreds of pounds sterling. Best way to avoid these rip offs is visit the manufacturers web site if you type in the exact model number and it cannot be found you know that you are dealing with an 'exclusive' model for that particular store. If the model is found check the MRRP or MSRP and compare, you will be amazed at some of the prices you see.
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