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Do Direct Line ask for Proof of NCD

Posted 15th Mar 2009
About to take out a car insurance policy for my wife who has not had her own insurance for a couple of years.

I know some insurers dont even ask for proof of ncd.

Do Direct Line actually ask you to send in proof of NCD? when you take out a policy.
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When I was with them a few years back they didnt at the time I got the insurance but wrote and asked me for it about 6 weeks later
I haven't had them for a few years, but when I did, they requested proof on NCD. It's in the T&C that you have to provide it within so many weeks of taking out the policy otherwise the premium will be charged at full.

Funnily enough, I used to take out a new policy each year through Quidco and they were the previous insurer. Even so, they still required me to send in my (their) renewal notice.
Also if you fail to provide your NCD at the beginning, should you need to claim then they will request proof then before paying out.
All car insurers ask for NCB proof. Usually, you tell them who your previous insurer was and your policy number and they get it direct from the insurer. However, if this is not possible, then they will ask you for proof of NCB.
In this case it would be best to phone the previous insurer and ask them to send out a NCB proof letter so that you can forward it on. They should still have it on file.
They asked me for a copy of my previous insurance renewal letter which shows the NCD
Yes they do. My brother did not send his straightaway as requested so they sent him a bill for the difference in insurance taking off the no claims discount!
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