do ebay refund virtual items?

Found 6th Dec 2014
bought some coins of ebay and they did not send them, will ebay go in my favour? and what shall i say, only 20£ but still annoying
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I think the rules are you're not allowed to buy or sell virtual items as far as I know, I'd imagine they'll crack down on the other party but not sure if they reimburse you. If I were you I'd email them saying you wasn't aware you were purchasing a virtual item and you thought you were getting the game (Fifa I presume?) and then you'd probably have the best chance.
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Pretty sure ebay will go in your favour, I know from experience.
There is no buyer or seller protection for virtual items. If he tells eBay the item is virtual you will have no refund, however in most cases eBay just refund if it's clear you've not received anything.

It depends on how much effort he puts into it. I have had buyers claiming they've not received anything after I have provided them services such as making websites, but if I contact eBay they have always ruled in my favour.
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Ebay do not refund anything anyway thats PayPal buyer protection. Virtual Items are excluded. However if purchased through ebay you can open a paypal case and the seller has to prove you received the item.
I thought Paypal now accommodates for virtual goods? anyhow just inform eBay you didn't realize you was buying virtual goods as they are not permitted on eBay.
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I thought Paypal now accommodates for virtual goods?

Open the case, it'll be refunded. From experience. As a seller once of coins (who went into the deal knowing if anyone claimed against me I would lose out).
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