Do Elves exist? (serious question)

    I have an Icelandic friend at work who genuinely believes elves exist.
    Are there elves in iceland?



    I go on the assumption that just because you have never seen something it doesn't mean it doesn't exist (never been to Iceland though)

    People honestly believe in God(s) etc...

    Take the Northern Lights, I have never personally seen them, only in photos and they look magical and unreal, yet they are real
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    He says the elves are invisible too, maybe he just needs to take a visit to broadmoor


    I think the Icelandic Elves live in the centre of the hollow earth... Entrance is in the North or South poles

    of course they do they live with the loch ness monster


    Nah, Loch Ness Monster lives in Scotland... So my neighbour says (William Wallace)

    The film Bad Exports should help solve this one...

    Winona Ryder, Corey Feldman.... /thread elves exist ?????? I suppose it depends what substance you are

    Yes, third fridge counter from the shop door ...

    Elves do exist,as the top shelf at Iceland is bare but the bottom sh elf is stacked.


    Elves did once live in Iceland, but a few years ago they all moved to the North Pole to work for Father Christmas.

    You will be better off looking for the Easter Bunny, who of course does exist. Ask your nurses next time they visit your padded cell.

    Note the Icelandic folklore does not relate to the more common Tolkien portrayal of 'elves' (although he based some of their attributes of the same folklore):…3lk

    Also not seemingly from the study in 2006 8% do believe it for certain. Considerably less then believe in any number of deities I'm sure.

    Most likely your co-worker is either a) taking the **** or b) one of those 8% idiots (that's around 25.600 people).

    Disclosure: I'm Icelandic.

    Hmmm, I thought they were Sh_elves??! (_;)


    Elves do exist,as the top shelf at Iceland is bare but the bottom sh elf … Elves do exist,as the top shelf at Iceland is bare but the bottom sh elf is stacked.


    there used to be elves, but they were all killed in the making of this video…OOA


    Hmmm, I thought they were Sh_elves??! (_;)

    Nope deffo sh elf's.Ancient shelf stackers from Iceland lol.
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