Do game or game station price match?

My son wants the new grand theft auto on xbox 360 and of course being a teenager won't wait for it to come if i order it on line at £37.94(think). The only places that are in stock near me are game and game station who are charging near on £45 for it(prob why they still have them in stock). Asda sell it in store for £39.97 but of course out of stock.
So need to know if they price match


I have asked in my local game who do not match internet prices
( not even their own!!! )
I presume it's going to be the same story at Gamestation.........

EDIT I hope he is an "older" teenager as it is an 18 cert game ;-)

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:x well its his money he's wasting. I got one yesterday from pc world who price matched it to asda online but it was classed as pre owned as the person brought it back, they said it had only been opened not used and pc world tested it but when he played it it was slightly scratched and keeps crashing so taking it back. Can't say its the xbox as its just had the part that plays the games renewed by xbox and all his other games play fine.

Some Blockbusters will price match online prices, but its at the managers discretion.

gamestatiion do

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bought from gamestation and wouldn't price match internet prices and i said it was £39 at asda to be told "yer but they've got non in stock so they won't match"
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