do GAME price match CEX for console trade?

I'm looking to get shot of my ps vr and get a ps4 pro in place of it and cex are currently offering 400 for it boxed, would GAME do 401? I know they do on games but never sold a console before

went in today, was told that because it was above what they sell it for they couldn't match it but that they could find a nice middle spot for me. They did confirm that they can usually beat by 5% or £1, whichever is higher. Which is good to know.
Unfortunately they had no pro's so had to take to CeX anyway and get a pro for £5 more than the GAME bundle but hey ho.

the best answer I selected still kinda applies so I'll just leave it.


i think its usually a £1.00 more than the cex price. however i have known game to do 5% more on phones and consoles so you may get more

yes they should just make sure you have cex price as proof and tell them that they are to beat cex by the 5% ive had it done twice, they did try to make some excuse but as soon as they checked their own website. they soon corrected themselves.

although it does make you laugh that they go on the computer to checked when they should know there own trade in policies , i do love it when they get egg on there face though lol

With games my local one won't price match if the price is the same or higher than the price they'll sell it for.

They are unlikely to give you above RRP

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so I could, in theory be looking at getting 420, nice. thanks for the quick response

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With games my local one won't price match if the price is the same or … With games my local one won't price match if the price is the same or higher than the price they'll sell it for.

​i have before had them not give me a more for a game cos they sold it for less than cex paid for it

not over rrp,or what they sell for now.

why have you marked the wrong answer as the best answer? just because its what you want to here dosent mean its the correct answer. no way will game offer you more than retail price for a trade in.
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seeing as game only sell this for £349 (although non in stock) I would be very surprised if they match the £400 trade in price cex are currently offering,you see cex will sell this atm at £500,game wont do that,just take it to cex and hope they have a ps4 pro in or if not get a voucher to use when they do
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my advice is to always make sure you have the trade in price on your phone for anything you want to get rid of. this is what I do when I do any deals with them just to ensure I'm getting the maximum amount from the deal. hope that helps.
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Took a printout of the cex tradein page with prices, got mostly priced matched but manager disgression rejected a couple of titles for no particular reason!
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