Do Game Still Deliver a Day Early?

Posted 17th Mar 2014
I'm thinking of finally taking the plunge and getting a PS4 this weekend so figured I'd get the InFamous bundle. Does anyone know if I ordered this from Game whether it would arrive a day early like they used to do? Sadly I'm working all weekend so if I could get all of Thursday to have a good session with it all the better!
Thanks in advance for any replies!
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My final fantasy stuff was on the day on valentines day so for me it wasn't early. That was the first pre order I had done with them online though.
if you want something early best to try shop to, simply games and tesco, had early to orders off all 3! especially simply games, sent me BioShock infinite 4 days early I was over the moon lol
Games i've bought from them have arrived on the day.
I was sent Dark Souls 2 on Tuesday and Titanfall on Wednesday, both arrived on Friday.
Ah okay, thanks guys. I remember a while back pre-orders used to be delivered early but I guess they changed delivery services or something. Thanks again for your help. Might give Shopto a punt even though the price is slightly higher (which makes a change!).
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