Do Game/Gamestation/HMV price match Amazon?

Found 24th Feb 2012
I'm looking to buy a PS Vita with an 8GB memory card and FIFA next weekend (only get funds Saturday). On Amazon it comes to £232 (£197 Wifi Vita, £20 8GB memory card and £15 FIFA).
Would any of Game/Gamestation/HMV/John Lewis etc price match this? I had a search but it seemed unclear. This is also a 'bundle' when bought with a new Vita, the items when bought individually are much more expensive.
I live in Reading so if anyone know if any shop would do this or even an instore better deal, let me know! Thanks!
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Hmv don't price match full stop. John Lewis won't price match online. Game/station I have no idea about.
Gamestation wont match an online store. Cheapest i have seen the vita for is £197 in Asda. Not sure if the unit can be picked up any cheaper from any other store on the high street. Hold on for a week or two and the FS board will be full of them.
Silly question but why not buy it from amazon ?

If you haven't got a credit card then you must know somebody who does. You can give them the cash and they can have the Nectar points and credit card benefits
Thanks for the replies everyone. Reason I want to pick one up instore is it's my birthday on Saturday and I'd like it then
May have to borrow the £30 that I'm short, order it Wednesday-ish then pay them back on Saturday! Lol.
Roflcoptor. Game/HMV don't match themselves online, let alone a competitor
Yea, GAME don't price match anything... infact, they won't even sell you their instore products at the same price, instead they just act smug behind their failure of a store, can't wait for it to disappear, so a better company over takes in my local town... but :\ not sure who will.. being that their is only cex,blockbuster and game here.
JL won't since Amazon are based off-shore.

HMV sell the same pack for £245 though
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