Do gift cards ever go on sale or have special promotions with % off?

    Nearly finished Xmas shopping but there is still a few difficult people to buy for!! S I've opted to buy them gift cards

    I was wondering if there is ever special promotions on gift cards or money off?


    Usually not, you just buy them as they are, I think most stores state that you cant use giftcards to buy giftcards and they are usually exempt from any other saving deals.

    Tesco sometimes has an offer on them. I went in a couple of weeks ago and they had various with 10-20% off.

    They are normally only instore offers.

    Hope this helps

    Morrisons give 10p per litre of fuel per £100 worth . So if your car holds 50 litres ,makes it 5% off.

    You could try gift card granny. The bbc show click did mention a site were people sell their unwanted cards but can't rem the name. Good luck

    It happens sometimes, due to the website being badly coded or because it's a legitimate promo.

    There was a recent Amazon gift card deal I think...have a search

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    Thanks guys
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