Do Great Universal use Royal Mail or courier ?

Ordered a phone from Great Universal yesterday, totally forgot about the royal mail strikes, just wondering if they use RM or do they use courier so il get my phone sooner rather then xmas time!

anyone know?



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Depends on the delivery time they quote. They use a mixture of their own courier, Parcel Force and Royal Mail.

]Click here for info.



Thats being generous, I thought they used HDNL:giggle:

But HDNL does such a good job of leaving your expensive items outside your door where anyone can steal them.

Not personally had problems with HDNL, apart from damaged packaging. Afaik their only major employment criteria is that you have your own white van and a garage to store the parcels pmsl.

It depends on what you buy from them...

Furniture/clothes/electronics etc are delivered by HDN.

Stuff which comes direct from manufacturer comes by RM. I bought a Wii game and it was sent by Royal Mail, stuff like that...
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