Do I buy new TV before Xmas or after?

    I'm wanting to get my Mum a 22" LCD TV for her bedroom with freeview built in...preferably from Argos as it's easy to return in event of a problem. What I'm wondering is do we buy it before Xmas or are their likely to be better offers after Xmas?

    It's not an Xmas gift by the way so no immediate rush!


    Do you live near a currys clearance. Loads of tvs there at a great price and the warranty is really cheap. Any problems and they come and fix it

    dont forget the VAT increase in January

    I would just buy it now taking into consideration the vat increase in january. The Toshiba 22BV500B on the Argos site looks like a nice tv.

    boxing day sales...and check out richersound if you have 1 near you....

    Original Poster

    Thanks guys.....alas no Currys clearance near us but think might see what Boxing Day sales have as definitely want to beat the VAT increase!

    Yup thats my advice, check boxing day...

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