Do i buy or return my iphone 4 due to 3 network problems???

    3 have suddenly stopped using orange as a back up network and as a result i now get no signal at home 2 weeks into a new iphone 4 contract. they have agreed to cancel my contract but want the phone back or an additional £141 on top of the £259 i paid (12 month contract).
    So effective cost £400?? and get a micro sim or go for a new iphone 4 deal but they all seem out of stock??

    What do you think?



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    Yes. They have said they will refund

    I'd return it then

    return it

    Oops sorry, browsing on my phone and clicked expire by mistake.

    My bad.

    what deal do or did you have on your iphone?

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    12 months at 37 with 900 mins, unlimited text, 1 gb data. Also cancelled last 3 moths of my previous contract.

    I was thinking 400 is still less than buying it payg so won't a good sim only deal make it woth keeping as I won't have a contract.
    Other than track who have no stock everyone else Is a minimum of 18 months.....
    Need 600 mins on new one

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    Tesco! Opps

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    Tesco! Opps

    lol thanks x

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    anyone seen any recent offers that make it worth returning? I would have been happy if i'd not lost network :-(

    This is a no brainer isnt it, return to sender.

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    and do what though? Still want the iphone 4 just dont know what deal works out better....

    if you keep make sure they unlock it for you save you some hassle
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    I presume its 16GB ?

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