Do i buy the 1TB samsung F2 drive from scan at £57 or wait?

    Hey guys/girls.

    Do i buy the Samsung F2 eco green hard drive from scan at £57 or should i wait? Im wanting to get one this week and i get the free delivery from through avforums, but wondered what a few others though.


    Between the PCs and media players dotted around the house, I've got 9 1tb Samsung drives. Mostly F1s, but have a couple of F2s. I prefer the F1, as it doesn't seem to get as hot and is definitely less noisy than the F2. But, the price they're going for and if you're putting them inside a PC and not in a media player next to the TV, the F2 are fine.

    well the f1 is 63.99 at ebuyer
    and theres F1 ecogreen for 54.99 at ebuyer too. why not go for that one?
    there isnt much information about specs and its OEM but…123

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    Nice one munaaf.

    Just bought that F1 eco green.

    THanks mate!

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    well luckily enough, my google checkout card got declined. Forgot to update my address and it just tried to charge my card at my old address. haha.
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