do i de activate a wii that i am trading in today please

    We have a wii that i am trading in to GAME today. I am really worried though as i cant remember if i have bank details on it as we may have bought a few things when we first got it 18 months ago. We have used it very rarely recently so not that familiar with the system.
    Is there something i should do to check this and do i deactivate the wii if that is the right word.
    I am going out now to sons football but will check later so apologies if i dont reply to any answers immediately it is not that i dont appreciate them.
    I am just really worried i will do something wrong.


    Adam2050;6340352 is a guideline on how to do so.

    repped good man

    don't know what you are getting in exchange from Game but our local Gamestation (cardiff) are offering £120 cash


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    Thanks guys i followed instuctions, they were really easy.
    Thanks I feel far happier about getting rid of it now.

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    GAME are supposedly giving £120

    Repped you all.

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    Went in to game.....they were giving £120 but as well as my photo driving liscence they also wanted a utility bill with my address on even though its on my driving liscence.
    So i went to Game Station and they were happy with driving liscence and gave me £120.
    AT game offer ended tonight not sure about Game station i forgot to ask.
    Thanks for advice.
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