do I get an xbox one x or PS4 PRO an xbox one s or vice versa?

Found 2nd Aug
been an devoted to xbox for years with there exclusives but not much happening at the minute.

dunno what to do help me pick hukd's


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Playsation are killing xbox on the exclusive front, then i guess get yourself a PS4 PRO, obvs not on par with the Xbox One X.
Microsoft support for games has been pretty poor on the Xbox one, even some of their exclusives are dire. The outlook doesn’t look great over the next few years gears 5 maybe. The way Microsoft abandoned the 360 in its old age is pretty much happening again
I have the X and Pro. Best of both worlds
_Whatever_2nd Aug

I have the X and Pro. Best of both worlds

Having both you could probably assist the OP with your opinions, rather than think you're making everyone else jealous.
I have a xbox and a ps4 I like the xbox better.
But this is a like marmite don't like marmite question.
_Whatever_2nd Aug

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Thanks for answering a different question to the one the OP posed then. Confused my simple mind that you might want to answer it...
Only thing separating it to me that's notable is the fact that you say you've been dedicated to xbox for years, probably means you've a catalogue of 360 games, many of which will work on XB one.
Other than that, if you have no preference then just keep your eyes peeled for good deals, something will come along in next week or two.
I have both Xbox one s and ps4 Pro my friend and ignoring the free games side of plus/live offerings
The PS4 is just better overall for games and exclusive offerings
I too used to be an Xbox person but after E3 when the Xbox one came out I was not impressed having a media centre for a games console, but even now PS4 has pretty much the same capability as the Xbox one minus the backwards compatibility.
I own both and advise any gamer to own both (and a switch) but if I had to choose one I'd choose the X everytime, don't get me wrong the ps4 exclusives are great but you'll find yourself playing 3rd party games far more and so the X is best, also 4k uhd player is great and dolby atmos.

Also backwards compatibility is a HUGE plus as is game pass and EA access.
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If you have a decent 4K tv go for the X they haven’t even started using anywhere near its full potential the games are only going to get better. What system do your friends play on, take that into account as well. As for exclusives it depends what you play all the biggest games come out on both. Don’t listen to the fan fanboys, you won’t be disappointed with either. Also have you thought about a gaming pc
Ps4 for me just because the controller is far better .
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