do I get paid more to work on Sunday at sainsburys

Found 22nd Dec 2013
I work at sainsburys as a temp on a rgs contract
I'm not contracted Sundays
But I have over time today will I be getting more per hour today?
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Your terms and conditions including any additional allowances that you might be entitled to, should be set out in your rewarding great service contract of employment.

You might also want to have a look at this web page, Click here.
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You only get paid overtime when you exceed your contracted hours.
I worked at sainsburys when I was 16. We got double pay on Sundays.
not anymore you dont mate
.....then not anymore do I work on Sundays mate
Probably not on a temp contract with an agency.
If you are single....and need the money right now (dont we all.....it's an expensive time of year)....I'd work it.

If you are single ....and don't need the money.....I'd go to Sainsburys and do the Christmas shopping (hope you get a discount...criminal if not)....then walk up the manager with lots of awkward requests like..'what would you do with this cucumber?'.....you mean in a cooking sense.....but he goes all...'Senior Tory-Politician' on you with a weird @rse reply.

If you are married with no kids....I would not work the Sunday.....and spend the cold mornings in bed having loads of rumpety-pumpety......and drinking hot chocolate through dirty-wide smiles....all day long.

If you are married with kids....and really need the money....work a half day, and spend the rest with your family.
If you are married with kids and don't need the money.....spend time with your kids at home....ESP. This close to Christmas.....thinking of those last minute little inexpensive gifts that will make those little cherub faces light up....because you thought of something that they didn't even know that they would love....but they do

Or just go to Sainsburys, and buy the bloody Turkey, (spuds, sprouts, carrots, parsnips, leeks, cranberry sauce, stuffing, and brandy, port n crackers, and cheese-board...not forgetting good ole' Christmas phuddy's :D. ).......because the chances are that if you're not in Sainsbury's today.......that we bloody all are......and..that we all need the bloody help, more than you need the money......so do us a favour.....Heeelp pleaaaase.
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A bit late in the day to ask me thinks

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