Do I glue guttering?

    I have the guttering already installed but no down pipe or shoe on the end, alot of the bits I have a push fit but seem to easily come apart are you supposed to glue them or something. I assume its then not going to fall off but your screwed if you make a mistake, maybe silicon then?


    Don't glue as if it's ever blocked you won't be able to remove it. Either use a small screw or silicone

    The brackets should be all that are needed to hold it in place, the guttering is designed so that it doesn't need any sort of adhesive. Make sure it's all the same brand though if you're having problems

    I used to sell downpipes and guttering and not all the stuff came from the same supplier. Nothing wrong with a bit of silicone to hold it better. The only time I've known anyone put screws in any part, is in the middle of a length of guttering. Stops the guttering coming out of the joints when you get expansion and contraction.

    there are different types most is non glue stuff a a few use glue aswell

    If the downpipe is supported correctly, to stop gravity taking over, no screws, mastic etc needed. Check if the system you have allows the shoe to be supported by the clip that holds it to the wall, also place one right at the top of the DP to stop the bends working apart. You will also need a few clips down its length to stop sideways movement. If you must screw use short rustproof ones, otherwise the rust and catch debris that blocks the pipe.

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    Thanks everyone
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