do i go throu apple or vodafone

Hi took a phone out on contract last xmas its 10 months old and it keeps turning its self off and the battery percentage jumps too 40% too like 10 % I'm more annoyed that it keeps turning its self off who do I go throu Apple Store or my Vodafone insurance too sort this and is there anything they can do plz


I am assuming the contract you got was from Vodafone directly and not through any third party. Your first step would be to go to the retailer who sold you the phone. If it is a new phone then they should be able to fix it. However there is no harm going to an Apple Store. They should give you advice on how to proceed.

Had a similar problem with my Samsung S3. Took it to the retailer who sent it away and got fixed in a one week under warranty. This was after a year.

As above, to add, you can book an appointment online with your apple ID to go into a store local to you.

Apple will swap your phone right there and then. Best to book an appointment beforehand though.
You should also back up your phone and then restore it... so you can put the back up onto the new phone Apple will provide.

Voda will take it and send it to Apple and you'll have to wait for it to do the circuit back to you (but the retailer is normally the first port of call).

If you book an appointment with an Apple store, they'll test it for you and if they confirm the fault they'll swap the phone there and then. (just remember to back it up before you take it in).

I know which I'd do, and I have in the past...

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Ok fab thanx think I will go throu Apple first

Apple, you can book an appointment via the Apple Store app .
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