Do I go to the Fireworks or not?!

    I am not sure if I can be bothered. There is a large fireworks display / funfair near mine tonight. I was going to one last Saturday but it absolutely chucked it down all day and night so didn't bother (rain was so bad that the council now have to pay damages and repair costs to the place it was held because they have trashed the land, turned it in to a mud pit!! Lol!)

    Anyone else heading to a display tonight?


    i cant .... they scare me :oops: love to see them in the sky from indoors but hate being out with them

    [QUOTE=garbage456;3406457]you might just be able to put up with a muddy floor but around most of the country they have said it could be raiing from around 6-9pm and that is no fun looking upwards when its raining.
    I would stay in, even look outside the window if you really have to watch them[/QUOTE

    I have to agree, It looks like the weather is against us!

    Well after telling the kids on wednesday that we would see the fireworks on saturday night, I now have no way of getting out of standing around in the cold and wet for a few hours tonight! They have been counting fown the sleeps, that'll teach me to open my mouth in future without checking the weather forecast!

    Been umming n Arring all day but think we're not gonna bother now. Just to some sparklers in the garden and a small bonfire so the kids can do marshmallows.


    I went to some Wednesday night

    Wait and see what the weather is like later and then decide :thumbsup:
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