Do i have a faulty monitor?

Found 2nd Apr 2009
Just bought a Samsung 24" LCD Widescreen on line from a deal i saw on hotdeals. Plugged it all in, and after trying for a couple of hours i cant get it to do anything. When i power it on, i get a blue light in the bottom corner of the monitor, that lasts for maybe 1/3 of a second, then goes off again. Ive connected pc to it by vga and got nothing. connected 360 to it and got nothing. Changed the power cable and still get the power light on for a fraction of a second then it goes off. Have i got a DOA monitor or am i missing a trick?
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dont know much about monitors, but does the monitor have a second input source and is it currently on the wrong one, e.g

2 input sources, you have something connected into input 1, but the monitor is looking at source 2 for the information. so shuts off as nothign attached?
Can you try connecting it to your PC or Laptop to see if the monitor is faulty?

Sorry, just reread your post. Maybe the monitor is faulty. Does it only have one socket?
ive connected the monitor to my pc and nothing happens. The monitor seems dead. Then i connected it to 360 instead via HDMi and again, nothing, its almost as if it was dead. If it wasnt for the power light to come on fo a fraction of a secod when i turn it on i would have said it was completely dead
Yes, unless you are connecting to the wrong port, which seems unlikely, it should just plug & play on your PC.
ahhhhh ill have to send it back then! Bloody hell
i recently bought a 22 samsung i had the same prob , with it going off , the prob was the connecter plug wasnt pushed in properly , which caused the monitor to go off just give it a gentle push in prob come loose a little
i had thought that when it was happening but checked and it was properly all the way in. Have rang CCL where i got the monitor from and they are picking it up this afternoon. Not sure what they will do thouh as they say they will send me out a similar product of similar spec because they dont have any of these monitors instock. But this was on offer, and i wouldnt really have apid more for it to be honest, so dont want to pay any more for the next one up
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