Do I have a problem here?

    I have an online shop whose payment system is administered by Paypal. Customers pay with Credit or Debit card or with their paypal account and once Paypal confirms the transaction has been authorised - a few seconds later - the customer receives electronic goods. No problem.

    YToday a customer whose goods were sent 5 days ago has mailed me to say that he has received an email from his bank to say there was a problem with his payment and he will try to sort this out.

    I have heard nothing from Paypal.

    Do I have a problem?



    Probably yes, it sounds like a bounced/declined payment.

    Paypal payments are not always instant like some think, payments can bounce, not often as it's not really used in a fraudulent way, as it is not a big "earner", it's usually an oversight.

    It sounds like his dd or card may have been refused/bounced which willr esult in a pp reversal.

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    My Paypal Account says that his payment is "completed"



    My Paypal Account says that his payment is "completed"

    Yes, that means nothing. It does not mean cleared funds, even though paypal give you the impression it is.

    Paypal, instant payment done, no, they then have to either request the money from the card, or request the money by dd, depending on how they paid, it can then be a few days even up to 10 before paypal realise all funding sources have bounced=reversal.

    It's rare as they have controls to prevent or deal with those that have bounced payments but it does happen
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