Do I have a virus. If so, how do I kill it?

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Found 6th Nov 2009

Last week my wife clicked on some link and since then I've been getting annoying message from AVG closing down the sites I am on. Hotukdeals for example is one that closes, aswell as facebook. Basically its closing perfectly fine sites and bringing up an error message.

I've run a full virus check on the PC and it doesnt pick anything up. There is defiantely something dodgy though as almost all the time I need to get back on the browser and hope it lets the page load. If not, it comes up with the error again and then I have to retry again. Very, very annoying.

It keeps saying

File Name:
Threat name: Exploit Rouge Scanner (Type 911)

Could someone offer me help on this please?

I've uploaded a screenshot of this if this helps[email protected]/4079301861/


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May I first ask what Internet Browser you are using?

Also, do you have all the Windows Updates installed?

Finally: Do you have any other software except AVG that might be worth scanning on? IE: Anti-Malware/Anti-Spyware/Trojan-ECT.

I think once you've answered that I/or somebody else might be able to answer easier.


What I forgot to mention is your AVG definitions up-to-date? If they're not update them as soon as possible and do a new scan.


use something better than AVG next time



use something better than AVG next time

[FONT="Century Gothic"][SIZE="2"][COLOR="DarkGreen"]agreed.

Only 100% safe way to get rid = format and reinstall.

Pain in the ****, but if I ever got a virus I wouldn't risk trying to ensure I'd removed it - I'd just start over.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

Download and run malwarebytes

I'd probably just divorce the wife, she was obviously checking out naked George Clooney pics when this happened.


I'd probably just divorce the wife, she was obviously checking out naked … I'd probably just divorce the wife, she was obviously checking out naked George Clooney pics when this happened.

i would consider risking a virus to see these pics :w00t: :whistling:

i use AVG aswel and sometimes my net pages just randomly go to an advertising site for random things :? and the AVG pops up at the bottom saying i have like 700+ warnings but when i click on it for details nothings there and its all up to date.. im thinking of formatting and starting over again.

hope you manage to sort it :thumbsup:

Original Poster

I'll give it a go when I get back from work tonight and see if I can get rid of it without the worry of having to go for a reformat.

How easy would a format be? I'm completely useless when it comes to things like this and would really worry about doing it. Everything I have it backed up so am ok in those terms, just not sure where to even begin.

I guess it needs a formatting session as its running like a dead dog at the moment.

is parental control ticked in your antivirus
if not that can you not reboot back to when it was ok
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