Do I have to give my Virgin Media Set Top Box Back?

Found 10th Feb 2008
Can anybody advise on what I should do next..... I used to have a Virgin Media package at home - telephone/internet/tv.
I wrote to Virgin on 3 Oct 07 explaining that I would be moving on 31 Oct 07 to Germany and that i was ceasing my contract. Not once was there any correspondence saying that they wanted the tv box back or saying they would be coming to collect it, and i didn't think to realise that we would have to give it back. Last week, to our horror, the baliffs arrived at our house saying that he had every right to come into the property and that the set box was the issue. luckily our tenant didn't let him in. our tenant did give him my husband's email address so that he could contact us. After finding this news we were horrified and embarrassed and very angry as nobody gave us any communication that this was to happen.

i was straight on the phone to virgin and the girl on the other end was very helpful and said she would speak to the specific department and email me straight back with an answer. she did, and said that the department said there was nothing that could be done as we should be giving the box back and it isn't their fault we have moved to germany. the girl did say that it does say on her records that there wasn't any correspondence to us stating they would collect the box, which apparently there should have been. If anybody has any knowlege or experience on this matter it would be much appreciated.
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Nightmare! When I cancelled my contract as I was moving, they sent someone round within a few days to get the set-top box. They had a 'tick' sheet, with everything on that they needed to collect, including power supply, SCART cable, etc.

Hope you get it sorted!
With Virgin as you just rent the box, it remains their property [1], so they do have the right to take it back once you end your contract with them. They should have arranged to do this though.

Did they say anything else? i.e. Did they arrange to come and collect it when you spoke to them about this?

[1] I think this has changed recently and you can now buy the box like you can with Sky.
IIRC it is ONLY the court bailiffs that have a right to enter your home.

But you do have to give the set top box back to Virgin.
tell them your tenent ate it-and there more than welcome to try and extract it !!!!!! :whistling:
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