Do I have to make a trip to London?

    Okay I'm looking for a short break in Tunisia with the Mrs, she don'thave a British passport right now and the closest tunisian embassy is in London. I'm from Birmingham.

    I rang the folks at the embassy who told me I can't post my application to them I must go down. Surely theres a service of somesort that caters for this? I'll be calling my immigration solicitor on Monday to see if there is something he can do, in the meantime I would greatly appreciate any suggestions anyone may have.



    Wow, I'm amazed that you have an immigration solicitor!!

    The Tunisian Embassy is in London, therefore you will have to go there for them to issue a passport (if, indeed, they provide this service).

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    They do issue tourist visas there,what I was getting at was other avenues that I might be able to take e.g using a solicitor.

    It depends on her What countries passport she has at present....different countries different rules.

    There are agencies what deal with visa's and such like out they but they charge a lot..again this depends on her current passport

    i don't have a UK passport, when I needed my Brazillian visa they told me that I had to visit them or have someone apply on my behalf. I got a travel agent to do it for me. They charge a fee though.

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    Thanks for the feedback guys. I have decided to go with a Visa agency as recommended. I understand that they would charge a fee, and the visa itself would have it's own fee but I don't mind this within reason.

    Having said that, can anyone recommend such a service?

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