Do I have to pay fees if I withdraw the sale of my house?

Posted 23rd Apr 2010
My home is currently up for sale & has been since early December, my estate agent has only managed to arrange one viewing, which resulted in several offers, I decided to accept the highest offer, which was £5k below the asking price, the sale recently fell through due to a funding issue from our buyer.

The estate agent has now come back to me saying that the original buyers have managed to secure funding, but cannot meet the original offer they made, they would be £1k short, I have toild the estate agent that i am not reducing the sale price again & cannot accept their offer.
What i was mostly concerned with was the way the estate agents attitude changed when i told him I wasnt willing to lower my price any further, he did actually say that "i was making a bad decision" to which I responded " everyone is entiltled to their opinion & its my perogative not to have to accept". I was under the impression that I have instructed them to sell my house & work alongside my requests, none of them being unreasonable!

Anyway the long & short of it is, do I have to pay fees if I withdraw the sale of my house?
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