Found 6th Jul 2014
I am looking for a new phone I dont use much data I'm on Three 321 if I browse I use wi fi, I keep my phones about 4 years (currently using an Acer F900! !) so is 4g a necessity? thanks for any help


I think you answered your own question

Of course others will have different views but sounds like you are like me - you have a mobile phone just for emergencies and just in case you need to go online when your not near a pc and then 4g is not really necessary

4g is really quick in my area on Vodafone (about 32mbs).
I don't see the need of having it when I first got my phone.

But vodafone threw in spotify premium or sky sports mobile for free.

I wouldn't normally take up a 4g contract. But my contract has discounts and was limited before it.

Normally £41/M
Free samsung note 3, unlimited text and calls. 1 gig 3g data.
Discount on top bought this down to 31.75/M

Had that for a few months and wondered how much it would cost for more data or go up to 4g.

Found out it was an extra £4.75 a month for 9 gig of 4g data and spotify premium. I don't need that much but for less than a fiver I get unlimited music from my phone, ipad and pc. Can't argue with that.

I've managed to clock out about 6 gig used last month but I was away from home with no wifi for a week.

So, in short. 4g isn't needed if you're not using mobile data enough at the moment.
For a new contract you can always add it at a later date if you feel the need.

if you dont know what you want, I sure as hell dont

First things first, being on three network 4G is a no cost option the only thing is do you live or work in a Three 4G coverage area. The 2nd point is if your main use is browsing and social media use then you won't really gain from a 4G phone, if you plan to watch streaming movies and music then I would say a 4G phone is a must.


I was on a train at the weekend. 9 out of 11 in people in the carriage were playing with mobile phones. What a strange and somewhat sad world we now live in.

you should played some music and entertained them (_;)
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