Do I need a Carbon Monoxide alarm to pass the gas safety certificate checks?

Posted 19th Feb 2015
I'm a new landlord, do I need a Carbon Monoxide alarm or any other alarms to pass the gas safety certificate checks?
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From a tenant point of view, we don't have a carbon monoxide alarm in our flat and we've never been told we can't use the gas (we've had a gas check once a year) and our landlord hasn't fitted one. So I don't think you need one, however a smoke alarm is another story.

EDIT - "There is no legal requirement for your landlord to install carbon monoxide detectors, but you can ask your landlord to provide them. If your landlord does not provide these items, it may be worth considering fitting them yourself. You can buy them from hardware shops and they are fairly inexpensive."
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No you don't. The engineer will only check gas appliances eg, fires, boiler and cooker.
I'm a new landlord and I was told I didn't require either smoke or carbon monoxide alarms by law but I did put both in my property for my own peace of mind.
No you don't but my house insurance stipulates I must have smoke alarms. I also put in a carbon monoxide alarm, for the sake of 20 odd quid....l
landlords must put in smoke alarms by law but not a carbon monoxide alarm.
even if i isn't the law fit them anyway they are so cheap
You may not need one by law but imagine how you would feel if anything happened to folks living there. For the sake of 20 quid I'd put one in but its your call.
Ring fire brigade they will come and fit for free
I can't believe your asking this question. You might not be required by law to fit one.But anything happens to your tenants as a result of carbon monoxide and you are responsible. Don't be so cheap fit them where required. kind regards
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You didn't say which country you are in - if Scotland the laws are being tightened up as part of the Housing Scotland Act (2014).

There will be requirements for electrical inspection, CO detectors probably in all rooms with a gas supply, mains smoke detectors in all daytime living rooms and in hallways, plus a heat detector in the kitchen. There's also requirements for checking for legionella
It is not mandatory in England and Wales to fit a CO alarm but as someone who lost their daughter to carbon monoxide poisoning (two months after her wedding) I'd advise it. ( Recently one of our friends had carbon monoxide poisoning coming up to her flat from the flat below where the householder had not had his boiler serviced for many years. Even if you are in an all electric property, carbon monoxide can come through the wall from next door.
for the sake of a few quid I'd get one fitted. its easier then having to explain to someone later why their son/daughter etc died.
When our boiler service was due, they said that CO alarms were required for SOME types of flue.
The modern balanced flue boiler is sealed from the room, and unless those seals fail (need replacing every so many years) should not discharge exhaust gases into the room.
For an open flue system, flue obstruction would result in exhaust gases escaping - they would no longer service these unless a CO alarm was fitted.
Simple answer, no you don't need a CO alarm but you do need wired smoke alarms on each floor of the property
They are mandatory in Scotland but I would advise anyone to fit it and regularly test to see they are working ( in case the batteries run down) as there are lives involved.
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