Do i need a new power supply?

So im upgrading my PC and am wondering if its worth buying a new power supply or if this one is ok. I have read to see how the voltage is like to see if its stable. Do these numbers look ok?……636


Open up the side of the case and look at the PSU to see if there's a sticker showing the model and wattage.

If it's as old as the Core2Duo you may well need to upgrade it depending on what you are upgrading the other components to.

Those are erroneous readings for 12V and probably the negative voltages. Your computer would be emitting magic smoke rather than showing an image if it was actually running at 3.5v on the 12v line.

The voltage tolerance for the ATX standard is +- 5% for the positive voltages, +- 10% for the negative ones. The plausible voltages are all within spec so you don't need to replace it.

Try a different program or seeing if your motherboard provides a readout.

The sensor readings are clearly wrong.
Some systems have a "hardware health" option in BIOS that can read temperatures & voltages.

Better to look at the label of the PSU... is it a decent name, a middling name, or something awful like the motherboard killing Besttec.
Does it have decent wattage and 12V amperage.

If you want a graphics card that uses PCI-E power, then it's very likely that an old "with case" so called 300W would need upgrading.

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Its a 500w antec psu that came with the sonata 3 case


Its a 500w antec psu that came with the sonata 3 case

That will be ok for an internet/office pc, if you are going for a gaming rig with a decent graphics card you will probably need to change it
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Depends on the new required wattage and the age of the old psu.
Google capacitor aging.
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