Do I need a virus scanner for Ubuntu?

    This is my first attempt at using Linux (Ubuntu) and am quite impressed by it, but I'm not sure if a virus scanner is needed. Any ideas or suggestions?


    No, I wouldn't bother to be honest. There are ones available but linux simply isn't targetted by virus makers (for now) and the vast majority of software you will install with be through the package manager anyway (so will be 'approved' software so to speak).

    Worth keeping it up to date though - so run the update manager regularly.

    In general you shouldn't really need an AV unless you're gonna be coming in contact with windows drives (ie. on a netwok or if you dual boot etc), as you may want to scan them for viruses, I don't bother with it on any of my linux machines and never had any problems.

    Just a thought. I installed this a few days ago but haven't had much time playing around with it but, it may be worth signing up to their forum/s. Just load their web site and follow any links. Only takes a couple of minutes and then all your questions can be put to them very much like on here.

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    Thanks. I tried installing a virus scanner but couldn't understand how to:) I think I'll just leave it as it is since I'm not using Linux as my main OS. I suppose I'm too used to Windows.
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