Do I need an aerial signal booster?

Found 2nd Jan 2010
I just got myself a new TV with Freeview HD and have already connected it to my aerial socket, but signal seems weak and I have to keep on tweaking the cable at my wall socket end in order to get a good reception.

I was just wondering if a signal booster would solve my problem, or is it some kind of contact problem between the cable and the socket?
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if you have to keep tweaking anything it is not a poor signal but poor connections imo, check them all
wot he said
as said above,also signal boosters don't really work on digital signals,they just make a poor signal a stronger poor signal.
Great thanks for the replies, thought it'll most likely be the contacts too.
i have a signal booster i can honestly say my hanger done a better job
I bought a signal booster for the downstairs TV. Freeview just wouldn't work without it, yet works perfectly on a portable aerial on the upstairs TV.

So for us, booster was brilliant.
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