Do I need antivirus software if I don't have the Internet on my computer?

Found 8th Nov 2010
I need a new laptop for essay writing only (and maybe to play music) but not for the Internet. I know that whatever I get will have IE preinstalled but as long as I don't install my Internet providers software to link to the wireless connection will I still need Anti Virus if I'm only using it as a word processor?
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Well viruses can be transferred via USB sticks, CDs created by other people etc.

But the thing with anti virus programs is that they need to keep downloading the latest virus signatures (information on the latest viruses) from their servers.

So if you DID install an anti virus program, but you did not update it on a regular basis, it would soon go out of date and be less useful.

Edited by: "guilbert53" 8th Nov 2010
thanks for replying and for your help.
guilbert53 is right. I would still recommend you install an anti virus....just to be on the safer side.
There are AV softwares for which you can download the virus signatures separately (on another computer may be) and update on your new laptop (if you are not connecting it to internet).
thanks nomeames!
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