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Do I need beard trimmer or can i just your hair clippers?

Posted 8th Feb 2014
So thinking to buy beard trimmer but wired hair trimmers are cheaper. does it make a difference?
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not for me it doesnt mate. ive been "shaving" with hair clippers for years. I then follow with a wet razor but yeah its all good

not for me it doesnt mate. ive been "shaving" with hair clippers for … not for me it doesnt mate. ive been "shaving" with hair clippers for years. I then follow with a wet razor but yeah its all good

thanks but I want it for more styling beard
designer stubble etc.....
you wont be able to use a normal pair of hair clippers

i highly recommend the i-stubble

you can change it for all different lengths and it cuts perfectly with no pulling

one of my best ever purchases

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Had a beard for 50years,always used beard trimmer for it (Latest is Reamington Barba,3 yr warranty,not expensive ).Think about what the pro`s do,the barber uses both,beard for beard and hair for hair! Regards,Whiskers.
I just use hair clippers. I don't exactly style my beard just keep it trimmed nice and short. never used beard trimmer bit I have no issues with hair clippers.
Boots have 90% off on xmas items and had beard trimmers for £3 which came with earphones weird i know
I use hair clippers to get me desired length then shape with a cut throat razor
I use hair clippers so that I am left with only stubble and have done for a good few years now. They work fine.
I find my hair clipper don't shave as close as my beard trimmer, also they irritate my skin a little......I've been shaving 20 years, not constantly..... The best beard trimmer I've owned and still do is this

Asda sell them for £10-£15....In that cheap looking plastic packaging stuff......They shave me heavy beard, charge lasts for 3 weeks using ever day,fine hair coarse my nose hair which grows 3ft a day since hitting 30........I have a drawer full of far more expensive and gimicky shavers which are crap.............

This ones brilliant, although you can probly get it off ebay cheaper
I have this:


It's really really good. You can choose the length of trim you want from really close shave from 1mm to 18mm. It also has a hoover which grabs some of the hairs that fall and it's got a long battery length. I use it to trim my beard and works well. So far so good.

I bought a babyliss one before and that wasn't great.
lots of great comment thanks :-)
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