Do i need Mobile Internet or Mobile internet phone (what would you recomend please)

    Hi everyone.

    Woking 12 hr shifts as a Shunter in a dockyard! - i have tons of time on my hands during the day/night sitting in ques & waiting to be loaded.

    Not being the worlds biggest reader of books, i get board very quickly - Therefore i would like to be able to surf the net whilst in my Lorry.

    Not being much of an expert on this subject - i would like to know if you guys would recomend one of them small laptops with a dongle or something like a iPHONE

    I would like full internet acsess (not the scaled down version you get on a mobile) & something that could be turned on/off in a flash & not take up to much room.

    I would prefer a mobile that does it all, but am open to any sugestions!!!!!

    So any ideas/tarrifs or links would be extremly apreciated

    Thanks Guys

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    Read up on the phones,click through for deals...On best deals you will see other deals that might suit you better, ie. laptop with full mobile internet access, from £15 a month...

    If you get a mobile device that gives you the internet , my smartphones get me the net via wifi , so does my Navman PDA , but the problem here is the battery life . You may only get 3 to 4 hours use ,unless it's pluged into the mains adapter. Alternativly , you could get a mini laptop , they seem quite popular at the minute , with a 8" or 9" ,or larger screen . You could opt for a USB dongle that gives you the net or park next to a free wireless point for free wi-fi . Remember the screen size on these smartphone/PDa's are very small , better off with some sort of laptop that would also plug into the trucks battery supply.


    Nokia N95 has the best internet interface I have been able to find so far, though I will say i have not had the privalage to test the i-phone. My N95 works great for the odd minute we lorry drivers get between work.

    But I must admit I have considered getting one of those Asus 8" lappies myself. I would hook it up to the internet via a bluetooth dongle and through my phone. I would check first though that you can get decent enough signal in your yard. Last thing you want is to buy the kit and it suddenly not work


    If you want it for reading and are going to use it a fair bit, you definately have to consider the screen size as a major factor. Many modern phones can surf the net, but in reality, its not the same as sitting in front of a PC.

    Unless you are desperate to have it as your phone as well as your surfer, I'd recommend buying one of the 8" Laptops and get a modem for it on a seperate contract. (You can buy them as an all in one contract, but you do pay over the top doing it that way. As has been suggested already, you will need to make sure of the signal strength etc where you intend to use. I bought a 3 modem on their half price offer (3GB for £7.50 a month - though the newer offers are 5GB.) That works fine at work, but useless at home. Not a problem for me as I dont need it at home - but you can see the point I'm making.

    If you are hell bent on a phone, the 3G iPhone does give possible the best internet browsing facility, though the rest of the features didnt cut it for me. (I had one and sent it back!)

    Original Poster

    Thanks Chaps.
    Thhink i might go for one of those iPhone type things then
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