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Found 29th Nov 2017
I got my prescription updated in June, the optometrist said it was a slight change and didn't really warrant new glasses so I didn't bother. I've scratched the lens on my glasses now was going to get some cheap lenses from Superdrug but their cut off point for the £5 a pair offer is 2.00. Could I reduce the left eye to 2.00 to get the offer? Would it make much difference?

The prescriptions are below the top line is the new one. Thanks in advance


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Is this a wind up?

Sorry, slightly confused by your question as your prescription is under 2 anyway?
Sounds like you've got a good Optometrist who puts their patients over profit. Don't forget if you are claiming specific benefits, or work in an environment that utilises a VDU - Visual Display Unit (Panel, Monitor - clickable link) then it's possible to obtain not only a free sight test but a contribution towards new lens and frames by the government or employee.

My advice is always buy lenses with anti-scratch coating or use Microfibre lens cloths to avoid scratches, even with a low prescription for astigmatism. Usually a patient has a years guarantee on their lens if due care is taken, but if you still need to purchase new lenses try Specsavers, or ASDA who are normally the cheapest.

Regarding the offer you normally have to pass or send your prescription to the shop as evidence of your eye sight test, so any adjustments or omissions could affect your consumer rights, if incorrect. Plus the offer is probably for a SPH of +/-2 only, not Cylinder of +/-2 so you'd probably not be eligible for the Superdrug lenses.
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