Do i need to get move on the playstation 3 ps3????

    I have a Wii and a PS3 ( although i only play CODMW2 on the
    ps3 atm!! )

    Do i need this "move" can someone who has it please let me
    know what it's like.....thinking about getting the starter pack from
    amazon for £39.70 and Tiger Woods 2011 from tesco for £19.
    Also it it practical to play it with a "normal controller" instead of the
    move navigation controller?

    Would really apreciate hukders views + opinions Thank you


    if you have the money then i would its well good

    You don't "need" move, I just have bought it, and the demos are pretty unimpressive, unlike the hardware which I must say is a lot more accurate than the wii even with the motion plus attachment.

    However, future titles do look promising, and most certainly if incorporated in FPS games it will be fantastic.

    If you are considering, rather than buying into a new item, then perhaps wait and see what games you may like....I personally am looking forward to (held off for the patch) Heavy Rain which is being move patched next week.


    Do you need to have both the navigation controller and the move … Do you need to have both the navigation controller and the move controller?



    I thought not, so what is the point of the navigation controller then?

    For games where you need to move a character around (You can use dual shock to do this though its just better with the navi.)

    Original Poster

    Thanks for your reply people.....
    Decided to wait for price drop? + other games
    although i did come close to buying the starter pack for £39.97 from asda today.....
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