Do I need to pay?

Recently I booked B&B in Scotland over the phone, but the day before I girlfriend got ill and I called to cancel the booking. The guy was all cool about this, but today I received an invoice from him for £60 for "late cancellation booking". When I made the booking he did not inform me that I have to cancel it before more than 24 hours in advance. What should I do? Do I have to pay this?


Kick up a fuss and try to get away with it as you weren't informed, but you'll probably have to pay as no doubt it'll be in the small print somewhere. A lot of hotels do that sort of thing, you're lucky they're not trying to get you to pay full whack and you didn't pay upfront.

i wouldn't pay..and would just ignore the's hardly likely to result in court action as the court fees and time would hardly justify a £60 claim.

I'm pretty sure 24hrs is the standard everywhere, so I doubt you'd be able to claim ignorance from not being informed on booking.

I would try and negotiate with them if I was you, ignoring things never solves anything, and though I doubt they'd take you to court if you did ignore, companies have done it before to people and over much smaller amounts. You wouldn't want this to end up affecting your credit rating or anyhing would you.

I wouldn`t pay either, unless it states somewhere in your booking comfirmation that you agreed to their conditions. As Curry says " Just ignore the invoice"

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also, the invoice was not sent recorded - just standard letter.
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