Do i need to play Dead Space 1 to play Dead Space 2?

Im thinking of getting Dead Space 2 but i have never played number 1, would i be missing out on much if i just went straight into No. 2?

I have read that Dead Space 2 contains a video of something showing what happened in Number 1.

Also is Dead Space 2 worth getting? Do people like it?

Also how long is the singleplayer?


dead space 2 does show a video recap of what happened on one, i myself have got deadspace 2 without having 1.

I like it but have only played like an hour of it so far

You don't need to but it is better to play the 1st one first


just get ds1 as its excellent and only around £5-£8

by the time you have completed it, DS2 will be around £20

DS2 doesnt really improve at all on DS1 going on the demo
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I would play the first one, it's very good.

imo you are doing yourself an injustice if you don't play them both in order.....

I loved the first Dead Space. It was atmospheric, tense and actually made you think about where you're shooting in order to conserve ammo.

Saw Dead Space 2 advertised yesterday, made it look like 'guns, explosions and action!'. I hope it's not. They'll have just turned it into "Generic third person shooter #34" otherwise.

your console will not let you play DS2 if you have never played DS1 on that particular console...

i've just bought dead sace 2 having never played the first

i havent played ds2 but have ds1. If ds1 was released today it would still have got that good score. You cant go wrong if you played ds1 first

Either way you will **** your pants lol.

no, you need ps3

does anyone here have this game?
is it scary?



no, you need ps3

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