Do I need to upgrade my gpu

Posted 13th Dec 2019
Ok So I Got a Rx480 and 1800x and my gpu I had for almost 2 years and I play fortnite on it
sometimes when I play Fortnite it goes above 101 degrees and crashes should I have a new gpu

if so
is a GTX 1080TI is good enough for 650watt
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It might be silly.. but is the fan working on it? 101°C no wonder it crashes
Do you play anything other than fortnite?
Something's not right if it's at 101°c...
That shouldn't happen. Just use the monitoring software to see what is going on.
Is the fan not spinning correctly. If so might need to sort a replacement.
Is it all screwed together properly? The heatsink might be loose.
Might need the thermal paste replacing and the heatsink a good clean.

All things to have a look for before buying something new.
You’re RX480 has something wrong with it. Either it is over locked to the nuts, you’ve modded the bios with too high a voltage or the fans have stopped working.
As for upgrade. A 1080Ti is over kill for fortnight. An Rx580 8GB or GTX1060 6GB will run over 100fps comfortably at high settings.
Something like a GTX1070 or GTX1660 would be a decent upgrade. All assuming you are playing at 1080p.
Have you flashed the bios on the card at all?

Do you have the latest drivers installed?

Is it stock cooling?

Unistall the card / drivers and do a fresh install.

As with other comments, your card / fans / heatsink / thermal paste could be faulty.

Just curious here but is it definately your gpu that's overheating and not your system temp or even spikes in your cpu under load?
What is your case fan arrangements?
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