Posted 8th Jul 2020
Jut some advice please. For ages I’ve been racking my head wether I need to be spending so much a month just on broadband - I currently pay £52 per month for 200mb from Virgin. It’s just broadband by itself, no other packages.

I feel like this is really expensive! I’m wondering if I switched to somebody like Sky, I’m only gonna be getting roughly 50mb. Will I notice the drop? I’m also uneasy about the idea of needing a phone line as currently I don’t have one nor pay for line rental.

I don’t play online games, but we have about 7 devices that use WiFi, we have 3 google smart speakers, hive, hue lighting, an ip camera. I download games and stuff but I am prepared to be able to wait longer for those.

What are your thoughts?
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