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Do I scrap the car or replace the gearbox?

Posted 9th Jul 2013
My garage has said that my car needs a new gearbox. It is 2003 Vauxhall astra diesel CDI. Really not sure whether to get a second hand gearbox put in or cut my losses and scrap. Opinions sought please?
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How much is a gearbox going to cost. Wouldnt have thought too much considering how many astras are in scrap yards already.

Why not advertise it as a spares/repairs car? Some side garden mechanic might offer you a bit more than scrap value if the can put a gearbox in it and sell it on.
How much is the car worth to you? If apart from the gearbox all is good, I'd put a another gearbox in. Otherwise, what other car could you get for the cost of the gearbox? Is it worth taking the risk on another car you don't know the history of?
you can replace the gearbox and then scrap it! You will have to scrap it at sometime :-)
Yes, if the car is in good condition and keeps passing it's MOT , then it's worth putting another gearbox in . There used to be alot a salvage yards around and the parts were taken off crash damaged cars . Try online and check out the prices . On the other hand if the car is a rust bucket and full of old drink tins and tab dumps ,get rid of it . You'll get about £100 for it scrap .
.......cost of a replacement car, compared to Gear Box?

If it's just the gear box....swap it.... if the gear box is on a long list "to do" consider advertising it on e-bay, listing the faults.

Also go to other Garages... it may be able to recondition or fix, at a fraction of the cost.
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