Do i swap my new york accomodation - im so confused ?????

    I was hoping somebody could please give me some advice, im going to new york on 24th-29th april and booked the hotel Pennsylvania at a cost of £427, but now ive seen the Royal Park Hotel at a cost of £202 plus taxes (so im assuming another 15% ish) so a total of £230, the royal park hotel is local in upper west side manhatten near Broadway @ 97th Streetand right near a tube and wil save me £190 (or £175) by the time ive took the cancellation fee from the pennsylvania hotel
    Here is the info for the royal park hotel…179

    My problem is do i cancel the penn (centre of manhatten across from penn station) and save £170 which could be spent on SHOPPING AND SIGHTSEEING or just bite the bullett and stay with the penn????? iv been told its not far into central manhatten from upper west side?
    Please help - thanks


    hotel looks ok and it wont be too far away from the centre, it's a relatively small island. i'd probably go for the cheaper one and use the money for other things. just make sure you get a private room with your own bathroom.
    i went for the new yorker in the end, heard mixed things about it but i dont mind too much and not like i'll be in the hotel/room all that much.

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    when and how long are you going to nyc? and how much did the nw yorker cost plz?

    Go for the cheaper on if you can and have more spending power in your pocket.

    going the 16th, back on the 21st. i cant rightly remember how much it cost and it was done in dollars. i'd say about £110 a night maybe.
    i've stayed in a hostel before in NY, the one you mention looks nicer but they can be depressing places. depends what you're after really.

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    i just cant find any reviews of it on trip advisor????? im more after traveleers pics than staged pics via the hotel

    the new one you mention?
    i think yahoo do a good review section. i'll have a quick look.

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    thanx, yes the new one, the penns got v bad comments but is so central

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    many thanks for your help xx

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    does anyone know how much local taxes (money not transport lol) will be, ive been quoted £202 plus taxes is it 15% ish

    i could see lots of reviews but not more traveller photo's
    taxes are about that, if you mean for the room they might add a few more little things. make sure you have a final amount if you're paying in advance.
    Room Rate 1st Night$189.00
    State Tx8.37%
    City Tax5.00%

    Room type Standard Queen – for 2 persons (Non-smoking Preference)

    Please note: additional surcharges are not calculated in your total costs.
    Date 16/04 17/04 18/04 19/04 20/04
    Price (USD) 189 189 209 209 189

    Total cost of this room: USD 985
    Breakfast: Breakfast is not included, breakfast menu is available and costs vary.
    Taxes: 13.375 % Tax is not included.; Service charge is included.; USD 3.50 city/tourist tax per room per night is not included.

    That's the info from my room emails.
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