Do Laptops have internal fuses ??

Found 24th Oct 2008
Just powered up my daughters laptop (Tiny A360+) and booted up fine then when the wallpaper screen appeared it died, as if a fuse had blown. Since then dead and with the power lead plugged in the lights aren't lit to say it charging. I have taken the battery out and replaced but nothing. Anyone got any ideas ??
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no internal fuse as such..lots of resistors. sounds like its a dead system board if it wont run off battery either. have you tried reseating the battery as some latops need the battery in when running off mains to work.
Laptops will have fuses, but they'll be surface mounted and will require someone 'qualified' to replace.
Are you sure the charger units fuse hasnt blown - or the transformer itself?

Have you got another you could borrow to try out? It could be as simple as that - and hopefully so. A fuse in a charger or transformer will be cheaper than a new laptop - which it could end up being! Best try that first anyway!
sounds like the power adaptor has died, has the laptop been run off the battery recently or has it been running plugged in to the mains ¿
Cheers guys, def not the power adaptor as it still has the green light lit, so pretty sure it's the lappy itself. Looks like I'll be attacking it wiv me screwdriver later !!
It could be just the adapter end on the laptop is badly worn, give it ,"a bit of a waggle", and see if the lappy light comes on. Might be worth a trying first
Is a 'waggle' like a 'wiggle' !!! :thumbsup:
gym lougar;3280882

Is a 'waggle' like a 'wiggle' !!! :thumbsup:

Lol I guess so, or my spalling iz terryball :thumbsup:
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