Do Monarch Airlines actually check hand luggage weight?

Found 26th May 2015
I'm travelling from Luton to Alicante for a holiday but only have hand luggage. It says on their website that there's a 10KG weight limit for hand luggage. But I was wondering if they actually check this?? Anyone know?
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I have flown with then before and they haven't checked. Do they always not check? Who can say? Probably a few people who haven't been checked, but they might decide to check a few.
I think they look at the size of bag and if you are ripping it they will do it.
They probably dont check them all , if they do it'll cost a fortune to put it in the hold . I would say not worth the gamble but if there's something in there, not too expensive , you could dump if it were weighed that might be the best plan .
Flown with them quite a few times and seen bags being weighed many times. Hold charge at the gate is £50 each way.
Just do what I do when I fly anywhere. I take all the heavy but small stuff out and put it in my pockets. Once weighed just put it back in the bag.
There's nothing stopping you taking 10 t-shirts out of the bag and putting them on until you get past the check in desk where they weigh them!
I've taken the cabin max bags and they haven't been weighed..although when we boarded the plane, one air hostess looked at the other one and exclaimed 'how was that allowed on?!' Pretty sure they were commenting on my luggage rather than my person...
cabin max bags are the best bet
I also carry a rufus roo in my bag. can fit all my tech stuff (lenses, tablets etc). it's on for about a minute if i ever need it (think that's happened once in about 10 flights) and the stuff is whipped back into my bulging back before i've boarded
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