do not buy amazon echo dot from cex

Found 4th Dec 2016
Bought an amazon echo dot from cex i tried to conect it to wifi no luck been trying for hours and hours then called amazon up asked about the issue took serial no down from the box later to be told item is stolen and blocked so one can use this i will have harsh words with cex really angry cex sell stolen stuff
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I don't think every echo dot from CEX will be stolen do you? Yes, very unfortunate and an inconvenience but you'll no doubt get your money back.
cex won't have known it was stolen
Lots of swollen goods at CEX I bet.
Hmm Echo Dot on CEX Website £50. New from Amazon £50 (previously on offer for £40).

Lots of swollen goods at CEX I bet.

I imagine their store is full of non consensual cex
They only check phones to see if they are stolen afaik
I once bought a PS3 from Game that was blocked from PSN, it was a minor inconvenience to return it but atleast they replaced it no questions asked. I'm sure your experience with Cex will be the same and it could have been worse.
Can't comment on Cex, but years ago I had a car stereo and CD's stolen and they ended up in the window of a Cash Converters within an hour of being stolen, with the wires cut from the stereo, no keycode and photocopied ID from the seller, yet they 'purchased' them in good faith, the Police said that they would sooner these type of shops exist as its always the first place they go to look for stolen goods.
A good company will refund no problem
Let us know how you get on
Surely the echo was crying out for help in hysterics when it was abducted.
Cex would refund you
As mentioned, they will refund you.
End of the day, cex are not perfect but they are a business that deals with buying and selling - a lot of it on trust. As far as background checks etc, they do require two forms of ID minimum to be able to sell an item in - what more can you ask for? If it gets blocked after, it's most likely some sort of scam be it insurance or otherwise and I know that is cracking down with the involvement of police etc (not that the police are taking a massive interest!)

take it back, get a refund, and cex will deal with auth. accordingly with the ID they have on system along with the signed deceleration receipts etc
as above CEX cannot check every device, but maybe they will start checking such devices with amazon if they can.

also as mentioned above - take it back to either the store you bought it from or if bought online then go into your nearest store - they will refund you there and then.

maybe best to go online with Amazon and get them to confirm in a chat link that it is blocked .... then make a transcipt of the chat text and take that to CEX, that way there si no arguement that it is blocked and they have also the evidence to chase the original seller


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