Do paypal charge any card processing fees like £1?

Found 21st Aug 2008
I used a new credit card on my paypal account. and I was charged £1 on my bank statement but doesn't appear on my paypal statement. I called my bank they said it was charged by paypal. so anyone got charged like this before..?
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no they dont, if they did charge you, it will appear on your paypal account activity.
If you are sending money Paypal do not charge.
If you are authorising a new credit card they may put a small
amount on "hold" but this should not show on your statement as it's not actually taken...
if it's a new card and you register it do they not put charge amounts on and then add it as credit to your paypal account? Or is a £1 pre-charge which will disappear off your account in a day or two?
i think you will find this is a cash advance charge by your credit card supplier, as some see paypal as cash advance and not a retail sale. i had the same thing happen to me when i purchased euros from web using credit card.
get onto the card supplier and give them sh it
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