Do people still buy CD albums?

    And if so, what's the going rate for them in used (excellent) condition?

    Reason I ask, I'm considering buying a very large CD collection from somebody - 95% of which I will want to keep -but the rest I'd want to sell on, probably on here, to cover some of my cost...a lot of the stuff I'd want to sell is club/dance as I'm not really into that...



    Dont think they're even worth selling. Used ones sell for very little on ebay.

    maybe £1.50-£2 an album-if that...very hard to shift so wouldnt bank on selling some in order to "cover your costs" of luck anyway...


    Yeh, could try for like £2 on here, but at boot sales etc theyre usually 50p-£1 ebay-nothing.

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    I wouldn't expect a lot for them...but a little would help, just seems pointless spending a good couple of hours listing and photographing them if they won't sell.

    As a general gauge, when selling DVD's I aim to clear at least £1 after postage costs to make it worth while. Do you think CD's would struggle to make this?

    EDIT: From the posts above, it seems they may sell for just enough to be worth trying!


    You can get most oldish albums for a couple of quid brand new now anyway. Amazing how the cost has dropped on them over the years.

    I have NOW 43 if you want....

    Also have the best of celine dion if anyone interested.

    If you are trying to get rid of some try this ]http//ww…uk/.

    Haven't tried them myself but heard they are quite good.

    can get most for 1.50-2 quid delivered as long as not mega new


    I would look for some 2nd hand cd shops and try and sell them a bunk lot!

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    Thanks for all of the feedback.

    Still weighing my options, but leaning towards going for it - as even if I only do sell 5% of them at £2 each, that would give me back a quarter of the total price. I wouldn't need to sell any really, but would be a shame to have potentially a hundred or 2 CD's sat in boxes doing nothing just because I don't like them - and even getting just a few quid back would make my deal on the others so much sweeter! :-D


    Any rock, metal, punk or ska?

    Ive not paid for a Cd album in years, i download em all for free!!!!!!

    Ive still got all my cd singles (ive got about 300), I only recently lobbed all the cases in the bin but ive saved the covers and discs obviously.

    Maybe try selling them as a job lot or something. Its faster to sell and saves you time.

    i still buy them for in the car, if you list some on here add a link to this question and ill have a look
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