Do people vote on their own deals?

    Hi, quite new here, just musing if people vote on their own deals? I kind of guessed that it would be disallowed but just tried and it seemed to work?


    never tried it! Maybe a mod will know!

    You can vote on your own deal, I have. If you consider the deal good enough to be posted, why shouldn't you vote?

    Too right I do! Every degree saves on the heating bills.

    I do, never really crossed my mind not to...I mean if I am posting the deal I obviously think it's hot lol

    When I post my own deal, I would rarely vote right away, leave it for a while to see what the members think. If it gets up to over 60 ish, I'd add my own hot to it.

    However, on rare occasions I would post a deal that I think is very good, and might vote hot immediately, but that would not be very often nowadays as all you guys are finding the best deals!!

    I never vote on my own deals.

    neither do I...shouldn't be allowed IMO

    I have voted sometimes but generally dont. When I do it is because someone has voted cold for a stupid reason (I am not the only one saying that, is the general feeling from the posts) and I do so to level it out

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    Interesting - thanks for the replies. I had assumed it would be disabled (or assumed hot) but actually makes sense I guess; you should be able to vote cold something you have posted if you realise it is not a good deal or better is available elsewhere.
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